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Auctioneer is a place where buyer and seller will be able to buy and sell products in different types of auction process. Where seller will create auction by posting the selling item’s picture with details of it along with the minimum bid amount. In given time by seller of auction, buyer will post their proposal in amount and winner will be chosen by the rules of the auction that seller has given when he/she created the auction it will be (rules) will be shown in the details of the specific auction.


User types

  • Admin
  • Buyer
  • Seller

Note : Except Admin everyone will register as a user who will be considered as a buyer . No buyer (normal user) will be able to Create Auction, to create auction a user will be needed to fill up some information and will be needed to verify Address by verification system , after this verification steps anyone will be able to create auction and will be able to start business as a shop holder.

Auction Types

  • Highest Bid Auction
  • Blind Bid Auction
  • Unique Bid Auction
  • Vickrey Auction

Note : Auction rules are explained in Auction Rules Section. Check in Documentation menu.

Primary Options

  • Admin Control over all events
  • Add new user on role type
  • Managing Profile
  • Buyer/Seller ID and Address Verification
  • Users Financial status control
  • Add Payment Method
  • Add new currency
  • Add new Auction Category
  • Homepage Layout Management
  • Manage reports from user/seller
  • Monitor Business Transactions
  • Auction Fees and Charges Settings (under Application Settings)
  • Payment method Settings (Under Application Settings)
  • Site Information manage (Under Application Settings)
  • Manage Application / Application Settings

Available Payment Methods

  • Paypal

Note : Currently only paypal is supported, soon we will add more payment methods.

Support Multiple Currencies

You can add any currency paypal support. check here Paypal Supported Currencies